"Martini Regrets", by Phyllis Smallman

Martini Regrets - Phyllis  Smallman

Book 6, in the Sherri Travis Mystery Series

I love this whodunit series it is so fun to read and a great escapism. Things do not always work out for Sherri and it is a thrill to see what twists and turns fate has in store for her. She is one woman who seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This tingling misadventure takes Sherri along the Alligator Alley, smack in the middle of the Everglades stuck at a gas station after her truck was carjacked and all this at midnight. Alone and scare she fears for her life when she stumbles across the body of a man….then the story transports us from the gritty crime scene to orchid ball in Sarasota to finally wrap up on a remote island in the gulf of Mexico.

It is enjoyable when a series has a continuing storylines with the characters and manages to stay fresh with the next adventure. Ms. Smallman takes her ideas from real time events that made news headlines and whips an exciting plot with eccentric characters to entertain us. The plot is certainly original and centers mainly on the murder and a missing black orchid. This latest page turner sends our amateur sleuth in a mess where obsessive collectors have one agenda…..

“Martini Regrets”, is an easy and fast read very hard to put down. It has the same beat as the previous installments so if you enjoyed them you will also enjoy this one.