"To Parts Unknown", by John Anthony Miller

This is a WW11 novel set in Singapore and Indonesia that tells the story about ordinary people who are compelled to do extraordinary things.

The story brings a British war correspondent George Adams to Singapore during January 1942. Shortly after his arrival there, he is caught in a near fatal air raid, while in the underground shelter he meets Thomas Montclair, a French spy and Lady Jane Carrington Smythe an English aristocrat and their meeting triggers a chain of events. Written in the first person this suspenseful novel takes its three main characters on a harrowing journey as they flee the Japanese while overcoming a multitude of obstacles including demons of their own. As the title suggests they are not quite sure of their destination…what to expect….and how to face the numerous challenges known and unknown…The prose reflects the horror and fear they faced…..

Although a fiction, the timeline and military events involving the fall of Singapore and Java and Sumatra are real but the story is based entirely on the author’s fertile imagination. This is a real page turner and very suspenseful as we follow the trio in a nightmare that has them evade a manhunt that spans the islands of the southwest pacific.

For war junky this may not be the perfect book but for suspense lovers it provides a plot that keeps a slow and steady pace, a kaleidoscope of death, dreams, nightmares and desire filled with conflict and passion. This is definitely a story with a mix of everything…The characterization is well drawn out, the players feel quite realistic and down to earth. I like the way the relationship between them evolves throughout the adventure and I especially loved the ending.

Great first book and hope this is a start of endless adventures…

My thanks to NetGalley, Smith Publicity and the publishers Taylor and Seale for the opportunity to read this book.