"The Casanova Embrace", by Warren Adler

The Casanova Embrace - Warren Adler
This story deals with the dynamics of relationships and the mysterious nature of love. Be warned, the story has extended graphic portrayal of sex, some may say it is even excessive and some may be offended by the specific detailing. “The Casanova Embrace” is a bubbling cauldron of the darkest thoughts and fantasies and a terrific story to ponder on.

The story is of three Washington women who fall for the charms of a charismatic South American and allow themselves to become his sex slaves and be manipulated into a bizarre and lethal scheme. When Eduardo Allesandro Palmero, the Casanova, is killed by an exploding bomb a CIA maverick question the reason for his death and looks toward the women in his life. The story is built around known events surrounding the assassination of one of Chili’s oligarch and the suspense begins…..

This is an absorbing and well-written story that explores the raw power of desire. Not only it is sexy but it is full of intrigue and passion. The portrayal of sex is inherent to character and plot development and not simply a distraction, they author must of asked himself hard questions before writing those explicit scenes. Indeed Casanova is the perfect moniker for this cone man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants but Mr. Adler suspenseful touch of the pen has given a spin to his plan and given Eduardo a well-deserved ending.

Romance and erotica is definitely not my forte but I make exception here. Three books I have read so far by this author all with a different style and context definitely a sign of a great storyteller.

My thanks to NetGalley and to Stonehouse Productions for the opportunity to read this book