"The Warrior", by Ty Patterson

The Warrior - Ty Patterson
Book 1, in the Warriors series

“The Warrior” is not very big book around 152 pages or so but is one that definitely packs a punch from start to finish. The story invokes a world of corruption viewed by a man with questionable moral values, a contract killer named Zeb Carter, a man who witnessed a few too many crimes and is bent on his own justice.

The plot is cleverly developed and filled with visual imagery and colourful characters. It moves at breakneck pace like a well-oiled thrill machine. The author uses economy of words and focusses on what is necessary. No filler words in this one he gets straight to the point. This page turner is sharply crafted to set the mood and starts out strong by throwing us right into the action on page one. Some small flashbacks and perspective are used to add depth and to pick our interest till the real revelation comes. One by one side characters are introduced to help move the dialogue along and tie together scenes. We are delightfully teased by the leading man, a warrior with flaws and a voice of a tormented soul. Throughout the author has kept Zeb’s life and persona a mystery. I could not anticipate his next move and stayed entertained and captivated as each scene kept quickly jumping from one to the other. Now as for the conclusion what a cliff hanger I never saw that one coming. Of course I can always nitpick and find weakness but for a first try this one is without any doubts a winner….