"American Quartet", by Warren Adler

American Quartet - Warren Adler

Book 1, in the Fiona Fitzgerald Mysteries

To appreciate this book we have to remember that it was written in 1982 where social values were different from today's. With this in mind this series is of a white woman, a cop in a force dominated by black male officers, needless to say the officers make her life hell. Those were the days…..but this strong woman holds her own in a world surround with machos and politicians ……Mr. Adler knows his political scenes especially when it comes to Washington shenanigans.

In “American Quartet”, we have some historical events mixed with a lot of fiction and to boot a dose of the egotistical world of politics. Oh yes we have some suspense, thrills, murder and the inevitable mayhem. The plot is complex it involves a conspiracy theory connected to assassinations of Presidents since Lincoln. A killer roams the streets of the nation and the plot takes us on a whirlwind tour of the capital and its famous landmarks. Our tough cookie is the first to piece together the puzzle and of course puts up with the sexist and the now outdated male attitude….The characterization is pretty good the killer is plagued with mommy issues, politicians are self-serving, the partner is opinionated and the boyfriend is an assuming jerk. Boy Fiona is not lucky with the male persuasion….

This book is brilliant in human relationships and is beautifully written with superb choice of words. Unfortunately the story turns in circle, drags and gets boring after a while. The ending is somewhat disappointing. Of well some you win and some you lose but in all it is not a bad book.