"A Dubious Terrain", by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious Terrain - Gerald J. Kubicki
Book #4 in the Colton Banyon Mystery series

The fun continues in this hard to put down fourth edition. As a fan I knew that the plot would be pure fiction with a mix of historical events slightly manipulated to fit the author’s vision. I was not disappointed in this heart racing story that revolves around the attempted takeover of the American government by the group known as the Effort. It also deals with real issues such as Homeland Security, illegal aliens and extreme sport entertainment.

The mystery brings Colton and his sidekicks to Las Vegas and plunged them deep into one of those fantasy dreams only Mr. Kubicki can come up with. The mystery part is captivating and very exiting especially when everything spirals out of control. The writing flows smoothly and keeps a steady pace all through. The drama unfolds in the colourful city of Las Vegas with all its familiar landmarks and beautiful people, well… what is not to love.

Unfortunately the over-sexed characterization depicted in all the books is rather overworked, really Mr.Kubicki, give your characters some food to curb their libido before Colton and the girls become a laughable and annoying bunch of nitwits.

With this said, “A Dubious Terrain”, is nevertheless an entertaining novel.