"Eight the Hard Way", by Nick Stephenson & others

Eight The Hard Way - Nick Stephenson, David VanDyke, Robert Swartwood, Ryan King, R.S. Guthrie, Kay Hadashi, Alan McDermott, Micheal Maxwell

This is collection of short stories written by 8 master suspense authors. This mix of mystery and suspense highlights what really each one is made of.

I am not a big fan of short stories, they are IMO totally unsatisfying. Here we have some stories that are better than others, some shorter than others, some full of action and some going nowhere. To write a suspense in a few pages authors have to use economical and carefully selected words and unfold quickly his drama and bring it to a satisfying resolution, a task difficult to accomplish when the need to count words is a priority. Here some hit the target and some left you hanging.

In many ways it is good to sample different styles and to try out several writers that are not necessary household names. We can pick and choose at will who to follow next. This anthology was a free promotion and implementing this approach is an amazing way the affect the bottom line for these authors. At least I hope so….

The presentation is very well done. The edition I received from Mr. Stephenson had a hyperlinked Table of contents letting me select which one to read first. I preferred reading them in sequence but the choice was there.

You can read at an excellent synopsis of each book at Goodreads