"The Society of Orion: The Recovery", by Gerald J. Kubicki

The Society of Orion: Book Two: Recovery - Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki

Book 2: The Recovery

This second installment continues the saga from book one “The Weapons” and plunges us like its predecessor into a whirlwind of adventure. This is a light and fun read that tells a story of the pursuits of the Orion talismans.

True to their style, the Kubickis have mixed a tad of mystical into their protagonists hunt around the globe in search of powerful artifacts. Not forgetting to add lots of deceit, double crosses, traps and of course a good conspiracy does not exist without panoply of bad guys. Whispering in Colton’s ears is Wolfe guiding him through his every move and the humorous antics of the trustworthy Patel sisters and of Loni Chen are once again at the forefront. We find a little bit of everything familiar efficiently weaved into a fresh story. This novel is excellent for young readers. The pacing flows well, the narration is smooth, the dialogue is quite active and the characterization is light and comical. One irritant, once more the authors have used the tactic of ending short and leaving us hanging at a very exciting moment forcing us to follow up with the next installment. Is this good or bad?......

Short and sweet this installment if worth given it a go.