"Storks in a Blue Sky", by Carol Anne Dobson

Storks in a Blue Sky - Carol Anne Dobson

What an interesting and captivating historical romance story this turned out to be. I am not usually attracted to this kind of novels preferring mysteries and thrillers above all. This was a wonderful step out of my routine.

Set in North Devon during the 18th century the writing has a literary style to reflect the period and shows the author’s wide range of knowledge. The plot is strong and the writing is passionate particularly when detailing Sarah and Jean Luc, the protagonists’ feelings. Once the flow take its wings there is so much intrigue following the saga Sarah faces after taking her mistress identity at her death that it is hard not to keep flipping pages from then on. Even after the slow beginning and the few confusing chapters at the start I am glad not to have been influenced by this. In introspective I could also say this is a story that slowly turns out into a feisty historical romance……ah!!!!!

All through the novel Sarah is portrayed to be a tenacious but very scared woman and her state of mind is well delivered. The second important player is Jean Luc, a dashing French cavalier from the Alsace region who happens to be rich. The characterization is great even the multiple secondary players we need to keep track of.

No sex scenes just plain old fashion romance, boy runs after girl. Girl plays hard to get but succumb to his charms at the end……wow great…and they live happily ever after……