"Dead Man's Footsteps", by Peter James

Dead Man's Footsteps (Ds Roy Grace 4) - Peter James

Book 4, in the Roy Grace series

It has been a long time between books and I had forgotten how a master Mr. James is at juggling plot threads, this time he treats us with four different events.

This blend of fiction and myth skilfully uses the chaos and tragedy of 9/11 is its early set up and recounts how Ronnie Wilson took the opportunity to fake his own death and leave all his trouble behind to rebuild a new life. On the other side of the pond, the body of a young woman is found in a storm drain in Brighton and Roy is called to investigate. The third tale is of Abby, a very careful young lady scared of making any sort of move…and last we cross to the other side of the world to Australia where a grim discovery if found in the boot of a car.

These four events crisscross each other in alternate chapters while we have a protagonist dealing with the politic of his day to day life. These brilliantly complex plots tend to pussyfoot here and there but eventually everything meshes beautifully into a more tightly woven police procedural. Seasoned buffs can easily see how things develop but will be a treat for the novice. Keeping everything respectful while providing a realistic and exciting storyline is definitely not a problem with Mr. James, he does that in a skillful and expert manner. We have good dialogue, great characterization, climatic scenes and enough suspense to keep going and very well entertained.