"Flay", by Ty Patterson

Flay (Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 5) - Ty Patterson
Book 5, in the Warriors series

Mr. Patterson in this latest stepped slightly out of hard core thrillers genre to give us in “Flay” a more crime action mystery with a hefty dose of action and a lot of entertainment. This latest has a terrific but gruesome storyline to chill our veins and is another winner for Mr. Patterson.

We follow two plots: one involves a serial killer who likes to skin off his female victims and the other concerns Middle Eastern terrorists. The threads weaves nicely together although the drama may be stretched a bit far in both stories, I still kept turner pages at a rapid pace to keep up with the suspense. Heart pounding twists and turns all through giving us a downright thrilling experience. The writing is spot on and moves right along bringing everything to life…although scary at times. The characterization is good, the Warriors are smart and likable and the bad guys are very very nasty, just the way I like my characters in this type of books. The foxy twins Meghan and Beth’s clever retorts added a touch of smarts, humour and chic to the novel and their contribution is an added thrill. Of course we have a grandstanding finale to close up everything neat and tidy.

For those planning to read this series I would highly recommend to read the books in orders for maximum enjoyment.