"A Wanted Man", by Lee Child

A Wanted Man - Lee Child

Book #17, in the Jack Reacher series

Our vagabond is on the road again trying to get to Nebraska. Of course not all goes well after hitching a ride with three people it seems that the car’s occupants are nervous and acting very strangely. After observing every detail and watching their moves he soon realizes they are all lying about where they come from and where they are going….this car trip takes a good third of the novel before the story expands into some scheme involving federal agencies and the obligatory terrorists operating in the USA.

Set in third person point of view and with a fluid narrative, the story returns to the present timeline and picks up where “Worth Dying For” ended. Quick action, over the top moment baffling plot twists and lots of acts of vengeance cover the pages although no memorable scenes of extreme violence to talk about. The novel offers something different we find neither sex scenes nor romantic encounters but in place we have sharp depictions of the rural Midwest. But, yes there is a but : the novel is too long and the endlessly long car ride and numerical mumble jumble gets to you. This is definitely the most low-key book in the series where we have a protagonist who takes a very long time to throw his first punch. Maybe I need to realize Reacher is getting old and should expect him to slow down a bit…..no way….give me something exciting….

No bang here but not a terrible read in whole.