"The Girl in the Spider's Web", by David Lagercrantz

The Girl in the Spider's Web: A Lisbeth Salander novel, continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series - David Lagercrantz

Book # 4 in the Millennium (trilogy) series

With this 4th edition David Lagercrantz continues Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series. Bringing back the two wonderful characters who were the driving force behind the spectacular success it brought to its creator: journalist Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander , the tough and punkish girl with the dragon tattoo. The author seemed to have stayed true to the Larsson’s original complex stories. Although part of a series, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” is fresh and unique. Mr. Lagercrantz touch is definitely his own.

I like fast paced intrigues, none here, what we have is a slow developing plot with some bursts of action here and there. What slowed everything down are the wider and complex issues introduced and hard to understand: such as artificial intelligences and state surveillance. Although this may be well-researched the details descriptions of maths and computing brings everything to a halt making the story knotty and boring in most parts. The dialogue is also tin and the narration too broad with every little detail spelled. The numerous characters to keep track of are a challenge especially for those not comfortable with foreign names.

Having said this, the story is nevertheless intriguing and this from the start. Mr. Lagercrantz does an excellent job creating the spirit of this series with a Lisbeth even more kamikaze than we ever seen her although her role has been somewhat toned down and does not appear until far on into the story. But it was nice to discover more of her fascinating background. Bloomkvist has the center stage and is out crusading for justice.

It must have been a challenge for the author to follow Larsson’s footsteps and keep the franchise going, enthrall the readers the same way he did and have your talent shine in every aspect.

This story is good but not the Larsson’s stander.