"Open Season", by Peter Kirby

Open Season (Luc Vanier) - Peter Kirby

Book 3, in Inspector Luc Vanier Mystery

I simply love this series and I am always eager to see what the author has in store for Inspector Vanier next case. In “Open Season”, Mr. Kirby has drawn his inspiration from current events and has explored troubling social themes in a gritty narrative of the plight of the vulnerable people he writes about.

This latest brings forward the sad case of human trafficking with Katya Babyak on a long journey into the sex trade and where she ends up in the hands of thugs who keep her prisoner. We have a converging plotline bringing a Guatemalan journalist fighting extradition while working on a story of illegal trafficking of sex workers in Montreal. Both women were trying to carve out a better life for themselves but ended up being exploited by criminals. The high level investigating team of Luc Vanier and Sergeant Sylvie Saint-Jacques brings the routine police procedural into a fast-paced and very engaging hunt with several intrigues. Mr Kirby touches the flawed Canadian refugee policy with a solid and suspenseful tale. Of course the author also added another layer of suspense with details of Vanier’s personal and romantic relationship.

“Open Season” , an edge of the seat thriller is definitely a deftly crafted and well told tale I enjoyed from start to finish and I agree with reviewers saying this is one of the best Canadian crime novels this year. Of course being a Canadian I may be slightly bias when it comes to Canadian authors and to any story set in my hometown of Montreal…:)