"The Phone Company", by David Jacob Knight

The Phone Company - David Jacob Knight

This is one weird book I never was able to get into, oh yes I tried many times after putting it down telling myself that I wasn’t in the correct mood for a bizarre, kind of nightmarish read. In effect, from my perspective this turned fast into a slow and far too dragging horror to pick my interest from the start and hold it all through….I never reached the end…..

The premise is original: a cellphone service company bestows cellphones on the citizen in a small town but the phones are evil…. What follows is creepy. All through we have lunacy and strangeness happening with phones taking over the lives of the residents….

Although this book was no meant for me it may be yours. I am not saying the plot is not a well-written one and the characters not interesting. It simply this kind of story that never gelled and I simply abandoned it half through… My take on this book may not give a fair assessment but it is the way I see it……