"A Dubious Crime", by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious Crime: A Colton Banyon Mystery #9 - Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki

Book # 9, in the Colton Banyon Mystery

If you love a plot with silly twists and turns and lots of actions with the Dubious series you will be well entertained. Book 9 is no exception we are plunged once again into a complex and exciting plot that has us flipping pages at a rapid pace in order keep up with the suspense and see what is yet to come. This is another story that packs a lot of bang for its buck.

“A Dubious Crime” propels the team into a mystery of the secret facility known as Unit 731, Area 51, a sinister plot of the Indian mafia and an unimaginable chain of events. The Kubicki’s imagination has no limits. The style is witty, creative, intricate and fun to read. The plot and sub-plot are tightly- written and cover a lot in order to keep us on our toes and entertained till the last page. The original gang is there with all their expertise and once more their antics are out of this world and their dialogue has that wittiness we came to love.

Although part of a series, no fear if you start here this one could easily stand on its own two feet and will thrill you as it did me. Of course you need to be into action, adventure, history and paranormal to enjoy this series.