"Behind You", by Ty Patterson

Behind You (Warriors series of Crime Action Suspense Thrillers Book 6) - Ty Patterson

Book 6, in the Warriors series

Once again Mr. Patterson has imagined and created an exciting adventure for his protagonist Zed Carter and his crew. This latest is action packed, intense and has a very captivating scenario, a hell of a storyline that smoothly pulled me in and kept be hooked from page one. I must note that this series is getting better as it progresses. Nicely done …..

This series is well- written and provides a fresh plot with each installment of course along the way we are into the best action and graphic scenes we can imagine. This time Zed discovers a woman’s body in a remote part of the country while on vacation. He decides to get involved when it was discovered she was a journalist, raped and killed. Zed will soon find out that the people behind the murder are ruthless and well-trained individuals that will stop at nothing. Of course along the way the warriors will thrill us with their out of this world gadgetry and weaponry.

There are a lot of characters to keep track so be ready to slow somewhat you reading pace in order not to confuse them and miss out. If you let your imagination go wild and suspend believability you will enjoy this book to the maximum otherwise be warned this is a testosterone filled thriller with superheroes and terrible villains. The characterization is by far from being static, by integrating new players and giving the usual crew a different spin, Mr. Patterson keeps his series interesting.

Although it is always preferable to read a series in sequence in “Behind You” there is enough backstory to feel at ease to pick up at this point.