"The Society of Orion:The Tayos Caves", by Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki

The Society of Orion Book Five: The Tayos Caves: Colton Banyon Mystery - Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki

Book 5, in the Society of Orion series

Book 16, in the Colton Banyon Mystery

In a nut shell this historical fiction/ sci-Fi/ mystery furthers the race against time to find the mythical weapons that have preoccupied Banyon and his team since the beginning of the series.

We have a short wrap up of the previous adventures to set us up and slowly but neatly we find the action back to South America, the gang looking for artifacts in the Tayos Caves. Of course nothing is simple when it comes to Banyon. As we tag along in this adventure we experience the weirdest happenings so far found in this series. Totally unreal and rather ridiculous but again we came to anticipate some kind of paranormal experience right from the start, wouldn’t we be missing out in the excitement otherwise. Again the Kubicki’s imagination went wild although I did find this latest saga to be less captivating and lacked the sharpness and energy I enjoyed in the previous installments. We have some returning characters with all their skills but found them rather low keyed this time. Maybe they are running out of steam…..or this series is……or I am….

“The Tayos Caves” disappointed me and definitely was not my top favourite Colton Banyon saga …some you win and some you lose.. It is the way I see it….