"Slow Curve on the Coquihalla", by R.E. Donald

Slow Curve on the Coquihalla - R.E. Donald

Book 1, in the Hunter Rayne Highway Mystery

This who-done-it is a well-crafted mystery that brings us into the life of a long distance trucker Hunter Rayne, an ex- Mountie officer, who took the open road with his semi “The Blue Knight”. Rayne hauls north and south between Canada and the US and travels most of the time on one of the most scenic and dangerous route in Canada known as the Coquihalla.

As the wheels spin on the highway we have fascinating information about the trucking industry. To set the stage the author has taken quite a bit of time and has provided a lot of picky details about the business and the routine of the drivers. Some may find this tedious I found it interesting. As the story unravels we come to the exciting part: a crash…. was it an accident or perhaps a murder on the mountain…. Of course kicks in is the old detective habit of poking your nose into it and it is exactly what Rayne did. Up a gear and the unofficial investigation is on with the help of friends Rayne will get to the bottom and will get his man…

I enjoyed reading this book. It is quite a different style of mystery, one that is not too complicated to follow, is easy to figure out the denouement and has a cast of colourful characters to entertain us and a steady suspense throughout.

I admit, the experience is a bit of a soap opera but “hey” it’s a good read and quite entertaining.