"Delirium", by J.F. Penn

Delirium - J.F. Penn

Book 2, in the London Psychic # 2

This is an amazing book, a psycho- thriller with an edge of the supernatural and one that leaves us questioning whether we aren’t all a little mad in one way or the other.

The story is handled with aplomb and weaves and engaging tale not meant for the faint of heart. There are so many vivid descriptions of rotted bodies, gruesome scenes of torture, colourful visions of demons and many other shocking sightings. This is definitely one of those stories that plunges you into high voltage suspense as the drama moves in agonizing steps into death scenes and leaves you at the edge of your seat from the opening scene. Yakes gruesome…. step aside Marquis de Sade…..This novel immediately jolts interest and never lets go. Set all the horror aside, the plotting is wonderfully done to tease our mind and captivate us till the very last page.

“Delirium” has also a serious side: the history of mental illness treatment and the abuse of the mentally ill. It is evident that Ms. Penn has done intensive research into the illness and with excellence and with finesse she gave us this wonderful story. Religions, psychology, supernatural, the human mind and our attitudes to it are definitely Ms. Penn’s obsessions and expertise. We find strong characterisation both with the heroes and the villains. Returning are Detective Sergeant Jamie Brooke and her reluctant psychic Blake Daniel to help in the case and captivate us throughout the pages.

Although I received a copy from the author “This is the way I see it” and in no way was I influenced by the offer.