"Nightfall Over Shanghai", by Daniel Kalla

Nightfall Over Shanghai: A Novel - Daniel Kalla

Book 3, in the Adler Family Trilogy

“Nightfall Over Shanghai “is the epic final chapter of the remarkable Adler family who fled to Shanghai along with 20,000 Jews and managed to survive there under surreal circumstances during WW11. The third installment opens in April 1944.

Mr. Kalla has written once more an exciting page-turner very hard to put aside. We follow the characters through their ordeals dealing with the Japanese and trying not to fall on their wrong side. Death is at every corner and dodging their wrath is not an easy task. When the end of the war seems near, the Adler’s faces a new challenge: whether to stay or leave Shanghai.

I admit it took some time remembering each recurring character but I fast overcame this challenge. I became so committed to each player and so enthralled in their saga that I kept flipping pages at a rapid pace to see what would happen to them next. The research and work invested in this story in order to be as close as possible to real events must have been extensive. Kudos Mr. Kalla you have captivated me and held my interest for hours. I loved the way you told the story, how you vividly described events and how colourfully you have painted your players: the good and evil ones.

To enjoy this trilogy at its most it is highly recommended to read it in sequence as we follow through the years the Adler family and some of their friends.