"Hunting You", by Ty Patterson

Hunting You (Warriors Series of Crime Action Thrillers Book 7) - Ty Patterson

Book 7, in the Warriors series

Mr. Patterson has done it again… This latest suspense action thriller has managed to exhaust me with never ending action. In fact “Hunting You” is a bit too intense for my taste. Oh yes, the drama is quite riveting but so far-fetched I wonder if the players will ever run out of steam so I could take a breather….ouf

The plot is a roller coaster ride from page one but the plotting is very confusing and lackluster. Although the players may give us thrilling times, they action jumps all over the place. Maybe the fault is in the presentation, it does not flow smoothly, within the chapters every move is bunched up together: missing is a pause or a better pacing between sub-plots. The narration is simple and clear but the dialogue is rather choppy with burst of words here and there.

Now that I stated with my beef, for the good parts: great characterization Jeb Carter, the protagonist, is a stoic hero and super operative, his crew is as deadly as dynamite and as diversified as one can imagine. The bad guys are badasses and are lethal weapons ready to act at any cost. Of course the action is Mr. Patterson’s forte as in all the books Zeb makes clever moves and of course the action is ongoing from start to finish.

“Hunting You” is not my favourite it is nevertheless a good addition to a wonderful series