"Love and Fear", by Reed Farrel Coleman

Love and Fear: A Gulliver Dowd Mystery (Rapid Reads) - Reed Farrel Coleman

Book 4, in the Gulliver Dowd series

This is a “Rapid Reads”, a paperback of 168 pages written in huge font, a novella that is not taxing and is mainly aimed for the enjoyment of young people 16 years of age and up. It is also the perfect book for readers with a short attention span and for those who like to zipped through the pages in no time and enjoy a fast-paced mystery.

As all the “Rapid Reads” I have read to date the plot is well-written with no fuss and no extra-words to bog down the flow. The story in “Love and Fear” centers on the main character, a gutsy PI with a big heart. Gulliver is asked to help find the daughter of a New York head Mafioso who has gone missing. The plot has all the good elements wrapped in a few words and enough twists to pique our interest. The story is intriguing although I knew being a short story the character or plot development would be at the bare minimum. Having said this, the story is nevertheless captivating and one I enjoyed quite a bit.

I received an advance copy from Orca Book Publishers for an honest review. My thoughts have not been influenced by the offer, “This is the way I see it”.