"A Thousand Fiendish Angles", by J.F. Penn

A Thousand Fiendish Angels: Short Stories Inspired By Dante's Inferno - J.F. Penn

This is a tiny book, a sum of three short stories that juggles horrific subjects and has an uncanny knack for have kept me completely absorbed. The 40 pages or so was a free offer I saw while browsing my local ebook store. Being a long-time fan by now, a short story or not, this collection needed to be added to my library.

I was captivated from the start by the stories inspired by Dante’s Inferno. In the short moment it took me to zip through the pages those three edges of horror thrillers covered so much from torture and mutilated bodies to alchemical symbols and occult object and managed to transport me right into a post-apocalyptic world. The author’s expertise in detailing for her readers brilliant imagery and rich words makes her book most fascinating. Indeed Ms. Penn, has a penchant for the macabre and loves giving her readers morbid morsels to digest bit by bit.

Reading this book is not a massive commitment but be warned: you will be hooked in no time and definitely wanting more.