"The Moroccan Affair", by Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki

The Society of Orion Book Six: The Moroccan Affair: Colton Banyon Mystery - Kristopher Kubicki, Gerald J. Kubicki

Book 6, in The Society of Orion series

A Colton Banyon Mystery

Book 6 is not taxing at all and is actually fun to read. 128 pages covering an exciting cat and mouse chase throughout the world. In this latest, Colton and is merry band of misfits are lured to Morocco in the never ending need to collect the Orion weapons and take them out of the hands of evils.

The mystery follows the same pattern as the previous installments in “The Moroccan Affair” we have: a small wrap up of the previous sagas which is always appreciated, a crisis at the firm to dwell on, strange and mystical happenings to tickle our fancy, fast pace and over the top action to baffle, simple style presentation to zip through, catchy dialogue to make us laugh, some twists and turns to entertain us and of course good and bad guys to grip our attention.

Once again, the Kubickis active imagination produced another wacky story for our enjoyment.