"The Intern", by Dale Wiley

The Intern - Dale Wiley

With all the shenanigans going on in Washington what is not to like when we have an author whose imagination will give us another political adventure… “The Intern” is the story of a man who ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets wrongly accused of a murder he did not commit. Being original is the only way he will get out of his predicament.

The main player is Trent Norris, an intern who takes us all around the metro area and the government buildings and when he tumbles into something he shouldn’t have his life goes out of control, media and the authority are on his back and he has to get out of the mess at any cost and all this is narrated with a tad (very small) of humour.

The premise is good but the story is quite weak and as it moves along it become more and more unbelievable I could qualify it as totally ridiculous. The whole drama plods along at snail pace with some bizarre action here and there. I guess this was an attempt to inject some humour into the plot but this failed to make me smile or even pique my interest. This book never really pulled me although I was captivated by Trent resourcefulness on many occasions.

I join those who say this book is entertaining enough to keep with it….but just. Ordinary characters, nothing special there although the political backdrop makes them somewhat appealing…who doesn’t love a political scandal, DC players always provide all the good stuff, here is no exception.

Not to say “The Intern” is not a good book it simply was not my favourite.