"The Tears of Dark Water", by Corban Addison

The Tears of Dark Water - Corban Addison

This is a riveting story of modern day piracy and a page turner that plays out a powerful story of hope and understanding in the face of hatred and chaos.

Having read the previous books by Mr. Addison I knew it would be international in scope and would be told from several points of view. This fast paced thriller really sucks you right in the minute you read the word “pirates”. The intense plot is captivating to no end, a story filled with intrigue, mystery, romance, loss, compassion all kinds of emotions are experienced. Mr. Addison is a fantastic story teller who knows how to raise a large number of issues in his stories.

”The Tears of Dark Water” is about Somalians hijacking foreign vessels and piracy being the result of the breakdown of a country ravaged by civil war and the reason the population takes the law into its own hands in order to survive. This story although a fiction was inspired from the 2011 hijack of “The Quest” a US flagged sailing boat in the Indian Ocean by Somali pirates. The main players are lawyer Daniel Parker and his son Quentin (the victims), Paul Derrick (FBI hostage negotiator), Megan (the attorney), Ismail Ibrahim (the pirate’s second in command) Vanessa (Daniel’s wife) and Daniel’s father. The depiction of events is superbly characterized through the action of each player.

In alternating chapters each voice is heard as the drama progresses and thanks to double crosses, agency jurisdictional disputes and the machination of the world’s democracy we are plunged into one of those exciting and captivating drama. The narration is smooth and is intercepted with a lot exchange between players.

The story has two parts: at first is the piracy drama and negotiations between parties, the second part is the aftermath and the trial.

Mr. Addison took great care delivering a compelling and heartbreaking tale.