"Dragon Head", by Mark Dawson

Dragon Head - A Beatrix Rose Thriller: Hong Kong Stories Volume 1 (Beatrix Rose's Hong Kong Stories Book 3) - Mark Dawson

Book 3, in the Beatrix Rose Hong Kong Stories

This is the final episode and another great story where Beatrix shows her talents as a ruthless individual and the deadliest ex-operative in the British government.

This time Beatrix seemed overwhelmed and needs to shake off her opium habit while at the same time extract vengeance. The fast dirty action is somewhat unbelievable and totally over the top when Beatrix appeals to the leader of the triads “Dragon Head” in order to save Grace, the young Chinese girl she had once rescued. Grace was now being held prisoner for ransom by Wo Shun Wo, an underboss who had subsequently kidnapped her from her hotel room. Beatrix needs all the help she can get even if she has to sell her soul to the devil.

Although short, this is another great adventure that pulls you in from the start, excellent characterization and simple narration. . Taking the triads head on by a kick-ass female protagonist can only be entertaining…and it is definitely. This series is a good diversion and is quite captivating. Again take the time and read all three books in a row, together they make a decent novel to enjoy.