"What She Saw", by Sheila Lowe

What She Saw - Sheila Lowe

This is a fiction of course it is a fiction or is it? Could something like this really happen?

I am a fan of mystery and willing to suspend disbelief and go with the flow if the plot sounds realistic enough. “What She Saw” is a bit over the top but also pretty captivating. Imagine yourself on a train and suddenly coming out of a daze, totally lost with any knowledge of whom or where you are. . Unraveling amnesia was behind this well-done story and a fun read that held my attention from start to finish.

This is the story of a young woman who one day wakes up to find two identities: Jenna and Jessica and goes to no end to find out what really happened to her. The plot is a bit slow to take off but once going this unique story line gets exciting and the quest for identity gives us fascinating twists and turns. Controlling human minds through implants and its consequences is a scary concept although “What She Saw” manages beautifully to touch the subject by leaving out the gruesome aspects. Of course this is a mystery and in all mystery we need good guys and bad guys and we have here questionable characters to ponder on, where do they fit? The story is cleverly written and there is much going on to keep the attention at bay. Along with the identity crisis we have a political conspiracy and some evil technology thrown in. The characterization is good and the players have interesting parts. The narration and dialogue are simple and to the point. Overall this is an easy read and an enjoyable story.