"Project Moses", by Robert B. Lowe

Project Moses - Robert B. Lowe
Book 1, in the Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller series

“Project Moses” tells how a zealous investigative reporter is thrust into an exhilarating and dangerous investigation covering the suspicious death of a local judge and prosecutor. This is a fairly conventional story, a fiction based in San Francisco during the 1990’s, written by Pulitzer Prize winner for local investigative specialized reporting. This is Mr. Lowe’s debut novel and a prefect summer read.

This bio-terrorism story filled with some romance, suspense and plot twists kept me guessing from page one and held my attention most of the time. It was a bit far-fetched and lacked some character development but in whole a very decent drama. The plot is solid and mostly intriguing. I was easily swept up in the action and often teased when the story deviated from the main character’s escapade to focus on a new player. On the down side some long descriptions slowed down the tempo and were such a huge distraction my brain got carried away during those pauses but thankfully the story fast regained its pacing and became exciting once more.

If you like conspiracy theory and corporate shenanigans “Project Moses” will hook you in for hours and make you uneasy even fear genetic engineering.