"11th Hour", by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

11th Hour - Maxine Paetro, James Patterson

Book 11, in the Women’s Murder Club

It has been years since I started the Women’s Murder Club and since most series tend to get stale after a while, I needed to put the series on hold take a break and step away for some time before getting back to it in order the get the utmost and enjoy the mysteries once again. I did this and happy having done so. I enjoyed “11th Hour” and I am now ready to continue with book 12.

In “11th Hour” we have two cases going on at the same time: one involving a shooter taking down drug dealers and the second unearthed heads in the back yards of a well-known actor’s home. Lindsay along with her partner works both cases. Of course all member of the Club play parts, using their expertise and thinking outside the box to solve the crimes. On the personal side, Lindsay is pregnant, is having trouble in her marriage and this is only a start of her troubles…..

It was nice to come back to good, comfortable and familiar characters and be entertained following each one as they act their parts. The mystery kept my attention all through first of all there are many secondary story lines to follow and keeping everything straight is a must. The action is fast paced and thanks goodness to short chapters and simple narration making “11th Hour” an easy and enjoyable read. We do have some twists although each move is basic and may not be totally original. Reading novels written by Mr. Patterson or his collaborator (Maxine Paetro) fans know what to expect from this awesome writing team. When one needs a break and be away from taxing literature, “11th Hour” could be the answer. It did the trick for me.