"One Day in Budapest", by J. F. Penn

One Day in Budapest - J.F. Penn

Book 4, in the Arcane series

This chilling and pulse- pounding suspense drama brings us to modern day Budapest in a conspiracy where religion and politics intersect. J.F Penn has absolutely created a captivating and well researched fictional tale and has skillfully painted and handled tension and fanaticism to a tee.

I admit not being too enthused with the series after reading “Stone of Fire”, the first book. How wrong was I to think this? The second book I read I became hooked and realised how outstanding Ms. Penn’s writing style is. She subtly weaves into a rich narrative politics, religions and history and keeps us involved from the opening page in non-stop action.

Although the drama may be a fiction and very entertaining it is also educational. “One Day in Budapest” transports us to Budapest to witness the dark side of the city, its sad past and the growing concern in today’s politic atmosphere.

The story starts with the murder at the Basilica of St-Stephen and the Holy Right relic is stolen….the main players are Dr. Morgan Sierra, psychologist and Arkane agent and Zoltan Fischer, a Hungarian Jewish security advisor. Two excellent roles perfectly played. Blood spilled again on the streets of Budapest.

Excellent novella