"Stranger in Town", by Cheryl Bradshaw

Stranger in Town - Cheryl Bradshaw

Book 4, in the Sloane Monroe mysteries

Although this book is the 4th in a series it can easily be enjoyed as a standalone. So no worry if you start here you will warm up to the lead character from the get-go and you will want to know what makes her tick.

When I first read the synopsis, the fiction premise based on real events picked my curiosity and at first glance the story of abducted children intrigued me so much I needed to see how the author would spin her tale and deliver it to her audience. Being my first experience with the author I didn’t know what to expect and I can now say I enjoyed this well-turned out mystery and I will keep an eye on Ms. Bradshaw from now on.

The premise in a nutshell:

Private eye (Sloane Monroe) with basic grammar skills looks for two kidnapped girls in small town, and gets cozy with the Sheriff’s son.

This is a smooth and gripping storyline that keeps a steady tempo from the opening phrases and gradually pulls one in with its vivid characters and its gut wrenching plot. The first person narrative makes the experience lively and realistic. There are no twists to talk about and one can easily see how the drama will develop and that our protagonist will save the day…..Mrs. Bradshaw made a light story out of a terrible topic so we can digest the touching subject of kidnapping, human trafficking, illegal adoption, selling of children and body parts for profit.