"Stealing the Future", by Max Hertzberg

Stealing the Future (The East Berlin Series) (Volume 1) - Max Hertzberg

An East German Spy Story

Book 1, in East Berlin Trilogy

“Stealing the Future” is an ambitious counterfactual thriller that depicts what would happen if the East German had refused unification with West Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This fiction is definitely an exciting and richly imagine story narrated by Martin Globe, who works for a counter-espionage service and has been tasked to look into the murder of a prominent politician in West Silesia. The story is set over 10 days.

This book is not your standard spy novel and is quite stimulating. The author certainly knows the area and has vividly captured a period where a population was struggling to keep their dreams of freedom alive. The characters are superbly drawn and I could easily visualize how they got caught into a crisis that involves the Stati, the KGB and British Intelligent among other colourful players they encountered.

This gritty and mostly hopeful story may have a slow start but once the stage is set, the characters introduced and the perfect atmosphere created I couldn’t help but to be intrigued and pulled into one of those gripping portrayal of a young country and its people trying to rebuilt their society.

I am looking forward to book 2