"The Two Sisters of Borneo", by Ian Hamilton

The Two Sisters of Borneo - Ian  Hamilton

Book # 6, in the Ava Lee Mystery

In “The Two Sisters of Borneo” the relationship between Ava and her mentor plays a good part and offers us one of the most emotional installment to date.

Uncle, a former Triad boss is dying and Ava is looking after him….when other problems surfaces… After investing into a Bornean furniture company Ava falls victims to a suspected fraud and needs to go all out in her usual manner to follow the money trail that will lead her to Amsterdam and to Kota Kinabalu…and of course we are for a treat following her exploits.

As in the predecessors we find a plot that is complex and fast-paced, the writing style is strong, clever and involving. Ava is still the kick-ass protagonist we came to love since her first appearance. Of course Mr. Hamilton adds strong travel elements and doesn’t not disappoint with rich details and descriptions of Hong Kong delicacies and locales.

As far as I am concerned this is a highly addictive series and I could only blame the author for that. The plots have the perfect balance and are fun to read. The story ends with a twist and opens to door for a new player to take the mentoring role….will see.