"The Hesitation Cut", by Giles Blunt

The Hesitation Cut: A novel - Giles Blunt

In this psychological thriller, a standalone novel , Mr. Blunt has shifted his attention to New York, stepped away from his compelling police procedure and has given us a unique perspective on the world of obsessed stalker.

From serene atmosphere of a monastery to the frantic pace of the Big Apple the plot is built around two brilliantly developed characters: Brother William, a Benedictine monk and Lauren Wolfe, a novelist doing research. As the story gets under way brother William (30 years old) meets Lauren at the abbey’s library and becomes so smitten that he abandons the monastery and moves to Manhattan where Lauren lives…and as we turned the pages this beautifully written novel builds tension with layer after layer, incident after incident, with more misdirection and plot twists in order to satisfy mystery lovers. The book is a challenging one and provides a suspenseful treatment of a difficult thought-provoking subject. We have some scenes of violence and some of sex although we know that a collision between two obsessed lovers is inevitable and rarely ends well, Mr. Blunt brilliant revelation is withhold until the final pages. The novel is superbly-drawn to portray human frailty…

If you are looking for the usual “Whodunit” mystery you will be highly disappointed and missing out on a most interesting and captivating story…..Put John Cardinal out of your mind and enjoy this psychological thriller…..