"The Good Soldier", by L.T. Ryan

[ The Good Soldier: Jack Noble Early Years Bundle (Noble Beginnings & a Deadly Distance) BY Ryan, L. T. ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2014 - L.T. Ryan

Jack Noble Early Years

This novel is a package of two books “Noble Beginnings” &” A deadly Distance” and both are great escape from reality. The author really knows how to write stories filled with the over the top action played out by men who are pure muscle and high on testosterone.

The two stories are as different as can be but what they have in common both are fast moving with enough twists to make us gulp and both have wonderful main players: Jack and Bear. The two characters make an effective team working for an agency that doesn’t exist….The well-crafted plots are fast-paced and captivating although be ready for the never-ending fighting Jack and Bear get into. Really, there are so much violent scenes at one point it becomes ridiculous but having said this, the action is well- detailed and vividly described to pack a punch. Of course if you don’t take these stories too seriously you will find both to be page-turners and hard to put down. The characterization is a bit shallow but hey they do give us quite a ride into the bowels of espionage with lots of suspense and great amusement.

Of course these types of books may not please everyone but they sure provide a fun light diversion.