"Last Light", by Andy McNab

Last Light - Andy McNab
Book # 4, in the Nick Stone Series

The highly descriptive writing style is quite exhausting to read for this reason I took a very long break before picking up “Last Light”. This is why I am so behind with this series.

Of course this book is not for everyone after all life for a Secret Intelligence Operator is far from being easy. In “Last Light”, Nick is given an ultimatum when an assassination attempt goes wrong: Kill the target in Panama by last light Friday or Kelly will be killed. What choice does he have…. Mr. McNab has the ability to vividly detail with great action sequences what his main character experiences. It feels as we are walking every messy step in his shoes. This one is no different as the previous books.

And we’re off. Nonstop warrior Nick is on the move with each of his engagement meticulously detailed. Everything is from scenery to flora to wildlife to every piece of armament. Maybe a little less of this with have benefited the narrative flow. As in the previous installment the details become overwhelming and I lost on many occasion interests with this story. The book meanders a lot making it hard to stay focused and motivated. Although the story is not bad it is not great and is in parts a bit dull and long winded, definitely not the author’s best. Mr. McNab nevertheless is at his best when he depicts his military experiences through his scenarios. About the characterization: Nick is good at his trade and his character is definitely down pat by now: gutsy and vibrant. The secondary players are well-developed: the good ones likable and the villains pretty bad. Is this enough to keep a reader motivated and wanted to stick with Nick?….. not in my books it isn’t.

I needed a bit of pushing to get through with this book and I wonder at this point if I will once again take some time before continuing with the sequel “Liberation Day” but again I had the same feelings with book# 3 “Firewall” who knows…… I may change my mind sometime in the future but for now I am definitely putting this series aside……..