"At Bay", by John W Mefford

At Bay - John W. Mefford

Book #1, in the Alex Troutt Thriller Series

Being the first in a running series the story centers mainly in getting to know the main player Alexandra Giordano( Alex). We meet her when she is in hospital following a car accident. Alex is dealing with amnesia and doesn’t recall much of her past. As she slowly pieces things together we follow her through her journey.

Alex is a sassy and smart FBI agent and very good at her job it is not surprising her job was the trigger that refreshed her memory, reboots her friendship and old relationships. Being an FBI agent is always with you and as Alex gets involved hunting down a killer even without her complete memory we have a great time following her involvement. There is a bit of humour in this “don’t mess with me agent” as different situations arise such as trying to figure out why a slutty nanny is in her life, why her daughter dress that way, does she really love her husband….etc….The storyline is quite suspenseful, it is hard not to jump to all kinds of conclusions trying to guess what Alex will remember and what will she do when she does….but getting it right may not be easy. This is a well-thought plot that keeps a steady pace and a good cadence, one filled with twists to derail our thoughts but keeps us entertained throughout. I liked Alex she is a great and fun character with a sharp mind and tongue. Strong plot development one that is interesting and entertaining.