"Jack Daniels and Tea", by Phyllis Smallman

Jack Daniels And Tea (The Sherri Travis Mystery Series) - Phyllis Smallman

Book # 4.2, the Sherri Travis Mystery

Things get out of control in Dutch’s bar. Sherri will save the day.

Of course this book is disappointing, 11 pages is really too short to give us much of an exciting plot or even time to know the character. It is actually a teaser…..one that could leave us wanting more or simply turn us off….but not me I know how entertaining this series is and after reading many books it did not take me long to become a huge fan of Ms. Smallman no nonsense style.

This teeny weeny story may be short and sweet it is nevertheless written in the usual captivating manner the author is known for. No fuss and straight to the point.