"Flash and Bones", by Kathy Reichs

Flash and Bones - Kathy Reichs

Book # 14, in the Temperance Brennan series


The plot in short and sweet words: Brennan is called to examine a body found in a barrel of asphalt beside the racetrack in Charlotte, North Carolina.


A Reichs novel has always been a quick and light read filled at great length with explanations. In “Flash and Bones” the history of NASCAR is her topic with the impact it has on the American culture. There is some suspense of course when Tempe’s investigation leads into dangerous territory while probing for evidence and with her presence the heat is turned up. In this installment her on-again, off-again romance with a Canadian detective and her tribulations with her former husband still complicate her personal life. As always the protagonist shares center stage with science, Ms. Reichs loves to include her speciality in her novel and does it without including gory details for grisly sensationalism. The plot is an intriguing puzzle that never go unsolved, Tempe risk her career, the wrath of the FBI to get answers.


A 4 years hiatus from this series was a good move in my part. Series tend to get stale after a while as they follow the same old beat….one loses interest….Glad I stepped away to be able to enjoy “Flash and Bones” at its fullest.