"A Killing in Moscow", by Clive Egleton

A Killing in Moscow - Clive Egleton

This book was first published in 1994 and digitally published as of September 2016 by Endeavour Press. I received a copy via NetGalley for an honest unbiased review.

This top notch spy thriller is fast paced, intricately plotted, action packed, witty, intelligent featuring British agent Peter Ashton in his second outing. The story set in post-cold war Russia, has Peter poking is nose into a puzzling and brutal triple murder in Moscow, one of which is a British subject. As the plot unfolds, Mr. Egleton keeps the pot boiling, the puzzle moving and spins an entertaining story and peppers it with enough action to keep the pages turning. The prose is fluid, the dialogue clear and simple and the players act their role to a tee: emotional father, frightened young woman, a corrupt KGB killer, gauche love interest, etc. The author writes so authoritatively about the inner works of the British Intelligence making hard to believe this is a fiction.

“A Killing in Moscow”, is not only a suspenseful and entertaining espionage thriller it is also a fun and challenging reading experience.