"Sins of Temptation", by J.F. Penn

Sins of Temptation - J.F. Penn

Book #1, in the Sin Series

Short and sweet, 12 pages or so is an introduction to symbolism, myth and the wild creatures Dante encounters in the wood at the start of his Descent. This series was first launched in 2013 as first steps in a contest. Although the contest may now be closed this snippet of a book can still be obtained free at Kobo.

As a contest this may be great but a so small a story leaves too much unsaid and too many questions unanswered to satisfy most readers. It does however give us a sample of the eloquence Ms. Penn offers us in her stories.

A mutilated corpse is found, a police officer investigate and finds a curious diary amongst the occult objects……spooky…..yep

Now I am curious to see what step two “Sins of Violence” has to offer…..stay tuned