"Sins of Treachery", by J.F. Penn

Sins of Treachery - J.F. Penn

Book #3 in The Sin series

This short tale part of the contest was the last puzzle to solve. Although I knew I was too late to participate in the contest I still wanted to read this spooky story.

In a nutshell: Twins brothers are left a mysterious map that would lead them to a secret that will unlock wealth and power.

I had a sense of déjà vu reading this story. I knew what would happen before the events occurred. I can’t remember where I read something similar, maybe it was more developed in the Arkane series or I simply read it someplace else. Having said this, I nevertheless enjoyed the 30 or so pages this short story offered. It is written with the expertise Ms. Penn is well-known for and has provided us a supernatural topic and has delivered it in her usual captivating ways.

All three books have separate stories and can be read on their own, no need to follow them in sequence.