"Long Gone Man", by Phyllis Smallman

Long Gone Man - Phyllis Smallman

Book #1, in the Singer Brown Mysteries

Ms. Smallman definitely writes pretty darned good mysteries. Her popular Sherri Travis series has been an Award winning series for years now. I read all the installments with much interest and stayed captivated all along. In no time I became a huge fan of hers and I stayed faithful from day one.

Although Ms. Smallman is spinning a totally deferent web of intrigue with this new series, her trade mark still shines: a style that is sharp, funny and keeps a steady pace throughout. While moving her action from the sunny beaches of Florida leaving bartender Sherri behind she leads us to the beautiful BC coast of Canada and is introducing us to an eccentric new character Singer Brown, a hippie living in a beat-up van, who sings on the street for coins and nurses an old hate from the time she joined a rock band way back during the flower child era. Singer has an obsession: Johnny, a man she hates and plans to kill after she steps on Glenphiddie Island where he lives. Hold and behold someone has already beaten her to the task and not long after her arrival she finds herself at the wrong end of the stick …..I will say no more……

When you have suspense doled up in addictive doses that provides lots of excitement and intrigue, which has tidbits of scary stuff including spectacular sceneries, one where the drama is played out by original charismatic characters, and to top it all up you find a stirring love story you have in your hands a pretty good book. This is what “Long Gone Man” has to offer.

A caution: You need to pay attention as bits of the story are revealed chapter by chapter and more and more characters are added to the mix with their own stories. In this nasty web of intrigue some of threads are left to our imagination till the very end……

This is a gripping story from start to finish.