"Fractured", by Catherine McKenzie

Fractured - Catherine McKenzie

“Fractured” is a psychological thriller written from the first-person perspectives of both Julie and John, two different characters who plays a part in finding out what really happened and why. The story is structured, alternating in a year-long countdown toward a present-day courtroom drama. There is much to delve into and a challenge to keep up with what is going on as it keeps on switching back and forth and dilly-dallies into frivolities at each chapters. One year in the lives of a family and neighborhood friendly or not inhabitants keeps us guessing or rather in my case left me out, I totally lost interest after the first few chapters.

The story centers on solving a puzzle: a car accident of some kind, what exactly occurred and who was responsible. A promising premise and some parts were amusing but the plot is too fragmented, the style lacks consistency and too many pointless players populate the story. Call this book “Desperate Housewives” or “Snoopy Housewives” and you would have a better idea that all through the books people are spying on each other and the neighborhood busy body blabbers out whatever the imagination permits. Welcome to Cincinnati…..

Please don’t shoot the messenger, I know I am not being fair here, lots of people gave this book high mark and probably their views are warranted. No doubts, if you like to decipher every clue and determine the outcome before the denouement this is a book for you. “Fractured” definitely is not my preferred book.

I received this book from Lake Union Publishing via NetGalleys for an honest and unbiased review