"Trained to Kill", by Antonio Veciana

Trained to Kill: The Inside Story of CIA Plots against Castro, Kennedy, and Che - Antonio Veciana, Carlos Harrison
What a story, one that will join the multiple conspiracy theories on who may have killed Kennedy. Now in his late 80’s, Mr. Veciana reveals in his memoirs how Maurice Bishop, actually David Atlee Phillips, a rising figure in the CIA recruited and trained him to be a professional conspirator. 50 years after Kennedy assassination he decided to tell the world the explosive information he has about the case.

Mr. Veciana was an accountant by profession living in Cuba during Castro’s regime when he was approached to spy for the CIA. So hurt by what was happening to his country, he never regretted fighting Fidel. Inside the book is the story of CIA plots against Castro, Kennedy and Che. Stories hard to believe happened if they weren`t told by someone at the heart of it all.

Although the author admits he doesn’t know who killed John Kennedy, he knows who wanted to: two months before the assassination he was introduced to Lee Harvey Oswald by the CIA. By then he was an agent and had already tried to kill Castro. By the end of his career, he knew too much, became a threat, found himself a target, framed for an offense he did not commit and sent to prison. What a life…..

This is an excellent read and very informative. Vivid descriptions of how an asthmatic banker masterminded terrorist attacks in Havana and all this under the watchful eyes if the CIA. Detailed roles he played and much more. This story kept me glued to the words and interested from page one. It is smoothly writing and very intense….excellent book.

I received this book for free via Eidelwess for an honest and unbiased review.