"Crypt of Bones", by J.F. Penn

Crypt of Bone: An ARKANE Thriller Book 2J (Volume 2) - J.F. Penn

Also published under the title “Prophecy”

Book#2, in the Arkane series

In her books Miss Penn uses her vast knowledge in theology to create great stories with a healthy dose of action and intrigue. This second episode picks up sometime after the conclusion of “Stone of Fire” (Pentecost) with Dr. Morgan Sierra investigating supernatural phenomenon in a religious context. 

Where to begin when the rich narrative keeps you so stitched to the story you even forget where you are. Well I am guilty of doing this; I was so immersed in this intriguing subject that for moments I thought I was part of it. This is not a boring book, too much adrenaline flows while you heart pounds turning the pages.

The story in a blurb

“Dr. Morgan Sierra travels to Israel to investigate the deaths of victims of the Jerusalem Syndrome and becomes embroiled in an international conspiracy that will use cutting-edge technology to carry an ancient curse to mankind, and threaten those she loves. Morgan joins agent Jake Timber to investigate the supernatural”.

Each book has a different setting actually it is a kind of travelogue in exotic locations. As the action moves swiftly into a wonderful blend of the real world with one of fiction we follow the protagonists to Israel, France, Italy and the Czech Republic .There are no dull moments in this race against a shadowy organization. At time I wondered if Morgan will survive or come out in one piece but again she is the main character and after all needed in subsequent novels. Evil characters Ms. Penn excel in developing them, not mentioning that her main players are memorable and brilliantly conceived. 

This is not my first experience reading this author and her style has grown on me through the times. Although I haven’t read the book in sequence I did read a few already and each have stood well on their own. I must catch up and fill the void….you always learn something reading Ms. Penn’s books.

This is a tantalizing thriller that will pull you in right from the start.