"All my Love Detrick", by Robert Kagan

All My Love, Detrick - Roberta Kagan

A Historical novel of Love and Survival during The Holocaust

Book #1, in the All My Love Detrick Series

“All My Love Detrick” tells the story of a Jewish girl and a German boy who fall in love just as Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany. This is a very human and a most touching fiction of forbidden love and friendship I read in a long time. The story begins in 1923 when Detrick Haswell was seven years old, the timeline and narrative travels through the 30’s, WW11 and some years later.

This is a sweet story simplistic told in short chapters in everyday language. There is a lot going on, seemed the author wanted to squeeze every important events that happened in the many decades the story covers. It is a bit confusing at times, the tale jumps from place to place from character to character sometimes in mid-chapter. Having said this, I overpassed those hicks and nevertheless stayed captivated throughout. The premise here is good even if the topic of the Holocaust has been touched zillions of times before, it could not be revisited enough IMO. I also believe the author’s scenario could have happened many times over.

I enjoyed this book with its many threads. The many characters are well-crafted and I find myself caring for them all. But mid-way, one seemed to disappear and I still wonder what happened, oh well maybe in book 2….not all the threads were neatly wrapped….again this is a series….who knows what the author has in mind next…..

If you are a historical buff this book may not be for you but if you enjoy a light war story with a lot of romance this one may be up your alley. In whole it is worth reading.