"The Heavies", by Ty Patterson

The Heavies: A Gripping Suspense Action Story (Warriors Series Thriller Shorts Book 6) - Ty Patterson

Book # 6, in the Warriors Shorts series

Mr. Patterson brought us once more a fast and furious and very captivating short story featuring Bwana and Roger, two of his most talented operatives. These two heavies are vacationing in Hollywood when an agent offers to cast them in a movie but instead ended up in a skirmish with the Mafia. 

88 pages of never ending suspense and a lot is said in those few pages. Mr. Patterson knows how to entertain. The drama although short contains all the essential elements to make a good story: exciting plot, great characterization and everything neatly tied up.

When I have a few moments to spare I love Mr. Patterson’s short stories to fill in between his full length thrillers